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2017/2018 Intake

Online Application starts from 1st January 2017 until 31st May 2017 at http://ips.um.edu.my. If you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to email us at asia_euro@um.edu.my or call +603-7967 6920/6907

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Dutch Elections: A Break from Populism

Dr. Patrick Ziegenhain on BFM89.9 Radio

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‘Grexit’ whispers are making the rounds yet again

A commentary by Dr. Sameer Kumar, Senior Lecturer, Asia-Europe Institute (AEI)

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The European Union after Brexit and the Election of Donald Trump: Collapse, Muddling Through or New Strength?

A talk by Dr. Patrick Ziegenhain on 28th March 2017 (11:00 am) at Universiti Utara Malaysia

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Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and ASEAN economy: A policy shift in the Trump Administration and its impact

A commentary by Dr. Fumitaka Furuoka, Senior Research Fellow (Visiting), Asia-Europe Institute (AEI)

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Japan Visit December 2016

Japan is a vital Dialogue Partner of ASEAN and a key participant in the Asia-Europe Meetings (ASEM); it also hosts a range of research institutions which focus on regionalism issues.

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An International Journal of Asia-Europe Relations

AEI Insights Vol. 3 is now online!

Published by the Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya

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