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AEC2017: Prof. Tamio Nakamura


Tamio Nakamura is currently a Professor of Law at the School of Law, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. Previously he was a Professor of Law at the Institute of Social Science, the University of Tokyo from 1999 to 2010. His research interests cover constitutional and administrative law of the European Union and the United Kingdom and comparative study of regionalism. Among his recent English publications include East Asian Regionalism from a legal perspective: Current features and a vision for the future (Tamio Nakamura ed.; Routledge, 2009). His Japanese publications include What is the EU? (Shinzansha, 2nd ed. 2016); Leading Cases on the Law of the European Union (co-ed. with Takao Suami. Nihon Hyoronsha, 2nd ed. 2010, which was translated into Korean in 2012) and New Horizon of EU Studies: new approaches to the polity sui generis (Minerva Publishing, 2005).

Last Updated: 17/02/2020