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CALL FOR PAPERS: AEI Insights Jan 2019 issue (Vol 5 Issue 1)


AEI-Insights: An International journal of Asia-Europe relations is a refereed journal published annually by the Asia-Europe Institute (AEI), University of Malaya. We are now calling for original article contributions for Jan, 2019 issue of the journal (Volume 5 Issue 1). 

Established under the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) process with a philosophy of enhancing Asia-Europe relations, AEI aims to foster exchange of students and scholars with a view to develop a better understanding of the cultures, histories, politics, institutions, economics, business and legal practices of both regions. The origins of AEI can be traced back to the idea of establishing closer higher education linkages between Asia and Europe under the provisions of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) initiative in 1996.  AEI has been publishing ‘AEI Insights’ since 2015 in order to contribute further to the achievement of this objective. 

Scope of Journal: Articles of bi-regional interest covering Asia and Europe which may involve topics related to: ASEAN, ASEM, East Asia, EU, geo-politics, geo-strategies, global governance, international co-operation, international organisations, political economy, regional values, regionalism, social issues in bio-diversity, and sustainable development.

Manuscript Style: Authors should format submissions in Times New Roman with a 12-point font size and single-spaced. Manuscripts should follow the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines. For details of the APA style, kindly refer to http://www.apastyle.org/ 

Manuscript Length and Language: Article length should be 6,000–8,000 words and include a concise abstract of 200–300 words. Papers must be written using UK English.

Dates (on or before) of confirmation and submission are given below:

a) Last date for the submission of abstract: 31st July 2018.
b) Last date for the submission of full article: 31st August 2018.

You may also like to extend this invitation to other Professors and Senior Academic Researchers whom you may know and may also be interested to contribute.

Past issues of AEI Insights could be assessed by visiting https://aei.um.edu.my/aei-insights. Jan 2019 issue  (Vol 5 , issue 1) would be an 'online' issue only.

Please contact us at aei.insights@um.edu.my, for submissions or for any other inquiry.

Prof. Dr. Azirah Hashim
Editor-in-Chief, AEI-Insights
Executive Director
Asia-Europe Institute
University of Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur

Last Updated: 09/10/2019