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Dr. Corrado G.M. Letta


Dr. Corrado G.M. Letta

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Dr. Corrado G. M. Letta is a European/Italian who earned his Ph.D. in Economics Summa Cum Laude, at the internationally prestigious Ecole Normale Superieur founded by Napoleon, Pisa University. Subsequently he completed his studies at Cambridge University, England on Cross Cultural Communication Research and on Transportation Management at Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill, USA with scholarships and fellowships.

From 1967 he has been involved in a variety of professional international development project assignments throughout the world financed by international financing institutions such as the European Union Commission, The World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the United Nations Development Program. Thus, he became Vice-President East Asia for a major USA Engineering Corporation quoted at the Pacific Stock Exchange, and based in Los Angeles, Ca. USA.

The unfolding of the third phase of his professional life brought him to become an advisor to the ultimate decision makers in the academic world at: the President of Kobe University in Japan, the President of the University of San Francisco, CA, the President of the Valleyo University in Lima, Peru and at the University Bocconi in Milan, Italy where he co-found the first Management School in Europe.

The fourth phase of his professional life involved him in the international policy making process. First, as a Senior Advisor to the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as a Senior Fellow at the Korean most prestigious think tank, The Sejong Institute. Secondly, during the Six-parties talks in Bejing, China he was asked to prepare a special report “What is Our Role in North Korea”. At the end of this assignment in Pyongyang, North Korea this report was presented to the Six-Parties talk for implementation. Thirdly, as the Special Advisor to the Minister of Science and Technology of Indonesia - who then became the President of Indonesia – co-ordinating all initiatives at Batam Island Development Authority, PT PAL Naval shipyard, The Aeroplane Manufacturing Company and others. Fourthly, he was appointed the strategic thinker at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make an assessment of the future of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) as an input to the ASEM Summit.

In the fifth phase of his professional life he was appointed by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) to carry out a special report to highlight the values motivating people in Europe and in Asia. It consisted in building up a special dialogue between the values of the East and those of the West. Such a dialogue was between the oldest living thing on earth living in the West, Methuselah Sequoia tree, and the most endangered species of butterfly, Queen Alexandrae Butterfly, living in the East. ASEF published and launched internationally in a special event in Singapore on the background of music from the East and the West, especially chosen for this event.

Finally, he has also been a weekly commentator on international socio-economic developments in major newspapers and Arirang Television Network in South Korea. He has published 35 books in five different languages; he held photopainting exhibitions around the world, and participated in many international conferences where he was invited to deliver the keynote speech.

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