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Dr. Sameer Kumar


Senior Lecturer (DS51)

Dr. Sameer Kumar

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Dr. Sameer has a PhD in Social Networking and is presently working as Senior Lecturer at Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya. He has extensive prior work experience as IT Project Manager and also holds a PMP® (Project Management Professional) certification from PMI, USA. Dr. Sameer teaches two courses on K-Economy and the Social and economic dimensions of Digital Economy at the Masters level.

His current research interests are in the field of Social Networks, Social Media and Academic networks. Dr. Sameer is a Project leader of 2 grant-based research projects. He has several papers published in ISI indexed journals and supervises candidates both at Masters and PhD levels.

Recent Selected Publications


  • Sameer Kumar, Managing Editor, AEI Insights: An international Journal of Asia-Europe Relations (Ed.) , Volume 2,2016, ISSN 2289-800X
  • Sameer Kumar, Managing Editor, AEI Insights: An International Journal of Asia-Europe Relations (2015) (Ed.), Volume 1, ISSN 2289-800X

Article In Academic Journals

  • Lewison, G., Kumar, S., Wong, C. Y., Roe, P., & Webber, R. The contribution of ethnic groups to Malaysian scientific output, 1982 2014, and the effects of the new economic policy. Scientometrics, Vol 109, Issue 3, Pages - 1877 - 1893 (ISI-Indexed)
  • Kumar, Sameer, Effect of gender on collaborative associations of researchers in Malaysia, The Electronic Library (TEL), Vol 34, Issue 1 (ISI/SCOPUS Indexed Publication)
  • Waheed M, Kiran K, Sameer K (2016), What role does knowledge quality play in online students satisfaction, learning and loyalty? An empirical investigation in an eLearning context (2016), Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, Volume 32, Issue 6, pp 561 575 (ISI/SCOPUS Indexed Publication)
  • Kumar Sameer, Ratnavelu K (2016), Perceptions of scholars in the field of Economics on co-authorship associations: Evidence from an international survey, PLoSOne, 11(6): e0157633. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0157633 (ISI-Indexed)
  • Kumar Sameer, Efficacy of a Giant Component in Co-authorship Networks: Evidence from a Southeast Asian Dataset in Economics, Aslib Journal of Information Management (ISI Indexed, Vol 68, Issue 1 pp.19 - 32 (ISI/SCOPUS Indexed Publication)
  • Kumar Sameer, Bernd M (2016), Bonded-communities in HantaVirus research: A Research Collaboration Network (RCN) Analysis, Scientometrics, Volume 109, Issue 1, pp 533 550 (ISI/SCOPUS Indexed Publication)
  • Tamjidyamcholo A, Kumar Sameer, Sulaiman A, Gholipour R. Willingness of members to participate in professional virtual communities. Quality & Quantity, Volume 50, Issue 6, pp 2515 2534 (ISI/SCOPUS Indexed Publication)

Article In Academic Journals

  • Donovan Chan and Sameer Kumar (2017), Mobile Apps Threats, (110316-034809), Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology-4th ed. Approved for publication IGI Global,USA
  • Donovan Chan and Sameer Kumar (2017), Social Media Strategies for Small and Medium Scale Enteprises in the Klang Valley of Malaysia (280116-101830), Handbook of Research on Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries,Approved for publication, IGI Global,USA
  • Ho E, Kumar Sameer (2017), The Trends and Challenges of 3D Printing in Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology
  • Chan D, Kumar Sameer, Has Bitcoin achieved the characteristics of Money (2017) in Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology
  • Kumar Sameer, The Dual Nature of Participatory Web: How Misinformation Seemingly Travels, in Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, 2017. Approved for publication.
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