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Industry 4.0: A quantitative study of online identity reconstruction


Assoc Prof. Dr. Sameer presented the paper with relevance to Industry 4.0 in Asia at the recently held International Conference ICACEST 2018 in Penang. The findings of this study might be useful for social network platform service providers in Asia. Given that online identity reconstruction (especially expressing more ideal self) is positively associated with user satisfaction, the providers could enhance features that facilitate online identity reconstruction to improve user satisfaction. For example, the features about photo editing could be highlighted, so that users can edit their profile photo and construct an ideal image

Here is the synopsis of the talk.

Industry 4.0
How to better satisfy online users? A quantitative study of identity reconstruction based on advanced self-discrepancy theory

The Internet changes the way people interact and communicate with others. The anonymity of the online world enables people to reconstruct an online identity that is partly or even completely different from their physical identity. In social network platforms, users choose virtual identity reconstruction to meet their different needs and enjoy the freedom of cyberspace. Adopting advanced self-discrepancy theory as theoretical foundation, the current study proposed a research model to investigate the relationship between virtual identity reconstruction and user satisfaction. A total of 357 social network users of QQ (China) were involved. The results suggested a significant positive relationship between online identity reconstruction and user satisfaction in social networking platforms.

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Last Updated: 11/03/2019