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Japan Visit December 2016


Professor Azirah Hashim, Director of CARUM and Executive Director of AEI, met with a number of key academics and officials in Tokyo last December. In a number of these meetings she was accompanied by Professor Anthony Milner (Visiting Professor AEI and CARUM) and Professor Patrick Ziegenhain (AEI). 

While in Tokyo Professor Azirah and Professor Ziegenhain also participated in the Islam and Multiculturalism Conference at Waseda University, Professor Milner was in Tokyo in the first instance to attend the 46th Steering Committee Meeting of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (CSCAP).

Japan is a vital Dialogue Partner of ASEAN and a key participant in the Asia-Europe Meetings (ASEM); it also hosts a range of research institutions which focus on regionalism issues. 

Professor Azirah held meetings with the following:

  • Kazuo Ogoura,former President and Advisor of the Japan Foundation and prominent specialist on international relations;
  • Professor Yoshiko Ashiwa, Professor of Anthropology, and Professor Taiji Furusawa, Associate Vice-President, Global Initiatives and Research Promotion, Hitotsubashi University which has an MoU with AEI;
  • Professor Tamio Nakamura, Faculty of Law, Waseda Universiy, leading specialist on the legal dimension of East Asian regionalism;
  • Professor Takashi Inoguchi, President of the University of Nigata Prefecture and Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo - leading Japanese specialist on international relations.
  • Professor Miki Sugimura, Vice President, Sophia University

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