List of Programmes Available:

International Masters in European Regional Integration (IMERI)

This International Masters in European Regional Integration programme examines the origins and consequences (for nation states as well as firms and citizens) of efforts and strategies to redraw boundaries of authority at the European regional level in the context of intensified globalisation.

International Masters in ASEAN Studies (IMAS)

Assesed by AUN-QAThis International Masters in ASEAN Studies programme provides an advanced level of understanding of the political, economic, social and cultural forces which shape ASEAN as well as the attendant policy process in a range of issue areas.

AEI's Programme Features:

  1. A 1-year Masters programme.
  2. Visiting professors include 3 Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Chairs. ie:
    1. Prof. Martin Holland from New Zealand
    2. Prof. Sebastian Bersick from Germany
    3. Assoc. Prof. Paulo Jong Tavares Canelas De Castro from Macau
  3. Opportunities to participate in international events - seminars/conferences/workshops/round-tables/dialogues/etc.
  4. Opportunities to meet and interacts with Academics and Senior Advisors in ASEAN and EU relations, diplomats, policy makers, civil society members, etc.
  5. Internship opportunities in multinational corporations in Asia and Europe.