The internship Programme forms an integral component of each of the two (2) International Masters degree programmes at the Asia-Europe Institute (AEI), University of Malaya (UM), namely International Masters in European Regional Integration (IMERI) and International Masters in ASEAN Studies (IMAS). It is worth 4 credits and is mandatory as partial fulfillment for the award of the respective degrees. Students undertake the internship after they have completed the taught courses relevant to each programme.

This document serves as reference for AEI and the students pursuing the postgraduate programmes, as well as for the host or placement institutions (henceforth, the host institution) involved in the internship programme. The guidelines contained herein are compiled based on the guidelines for the undergraduate internship programme of UM, viz: “Garis Panduan Latihan Industri, Universiti Malaya – Sesi Akademik 2009/2010”.

Definition of Internship

“Internship” refers to a programme meant to provide supervised practical training or learning over a specified time frame. The training may be conducted at a public or private institution or organization.

Objectives of Internship

The internship is to provide the students with relevant up-to-date supplementary and complementary knowledge on as well as practical experience in their respective areas of study. This will help develop in them the necessary knowledge and basic expertise prior to stepping into the career world after graduation. The internship also serves to provide the students with a general idea of employment prospects and opportunities for the International Masters degrees that they will hold.

Where applicable, students shall also use the internship period to gather data for their Project Paper.

Scope of Internship

An arrangement will be made between the student (through certification from AEI) and the prospective host institutions that each student be given an assignment relevant to his/her area of study which would offer him/her the opportunity to utilize the knowledge gained in the classroom as well as to gain exposure to relevant, on-the-job practices. The host institution shall provide the appropriate supervision and guidance to the students and give constructive feedback on individual student’s performance over the duration of the internship.

Duration of Internship

The students shall normally begin their internship programme in May of each year, after they have completed the second (final) semester of their lectures and all arrangements for the internship have been finalised. The duration of the internship for students pursuing the two International Masters programmes (IMERI and IMAS) is eight (8) weeks. This duration is considered adequate for the students to gain in-depth understanding of and valuable insights into the practical aspects of their respective programmes of study.

However, the durations may vary, subject to the procedures and requirements of the host institutions.

Host/Placement Institutions

Students shall be placed for internship at appropriate institutions where the scope of functions the institutions involved are closely related to their respective areas of study. Students are encouraged to find and decide on the placement institutions of their choice as early as possible upon their enrolment into their respective International Masters programmes. AEI shall also provide the necessary assistance in seeking placement institutions.

Students should inform the International and Students Affairs Unit of AEI once they have decided on the host institution for their internship. The choice of internship placement institution is subject to approval of the Executive Director of AEI.