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Public Lecture: Doing Business in Europe and Asia: Success Factor Cross-Cultural Management


Public Lecture - 26th February 2016 - ASEM Room, AEI.

About Prof. Dr. Andreas Stoffers

Prof. Dr. Andreas Stoffers studied political science and economics with a focus on International Relations and completed his PhD on German – Thai relations. Andreas has many years of practical management experience in the areas of sales organization, sales management, leadership of strategic projects and business development in Southeast Asia, with a remarkable yield impact. As a long-time member of Deutsche Bank AG Vietnam Executive Board, he was responsible for successful market intelligence and opening up of new markets.

As Vice Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce (Euro Cham) and Board Member of the German Business Association Vietnam (GBA), Andreas established profitable business contacts with decision makers in business, lobbying organisations and politics. In 2014, he was the co-founder of the consulting firm ASEAN Business Partners GmbH, www.asean-bp.com. His many contacts in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand and Vietnam, make him an expert on the entire ASEAN region. Since 2014, Andreas is Full Professor for Business Administration and International Management at the University for Applied Languages in Munich. Moreover, he is - together with academics from other universities - currently setting up a German Think Tank covering EU-ASEAN relations.

26 February 2016 (Friday)
9:30 AM
ASEM Room, Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya
Prof. Dr. Andreas Stoffers
Prof. Dr. Andreas Stoffers

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