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Public Lecture: Young People in Germany, Their View of the World, and Implications for Studying Global Youth


Public Lecture - 8 December 2015 - ASEM Room, AEI
by Professor Dr. Mathias Albert (Bielefeld University)


The young generation in Germany is relatively optimistic, despite growing fears from wars, terrorist attacks, and in the light of the difficult refugee situation. The presentation first paints a portrait of the situation of young people in Germany, drawing on the results of the 2015 Shell Youth Study. It explains the seeming paradox of increasing fears and a growing optimism with a specific pragmatism that has characterized the attitudes and value systems of young people in Germany for the last 15-20 years. The presentation will then particularly highlight views that young people in Germany espouse towards world order in general. It will conclude by reflections on the difficulties that remain for studying youth across national boundaries.

Short Biography

Professor Dr. Mathias Albert is Professor of Political Science at Bielefeld University and one of the Directors of the Institute for World Society Studies there. He is also Honorary Professor at the University of Aarhus. He has written, co-authored or edited numerous books, journal articles, and book chapters in the field of international relations. He is also active in youth research, and one of the leaders of the German Shell Youth Studies (Shell Jugendstudien) since 2002.

8 December 2015 (Tuesday)
3:15 PM
ASEM Room,
Asia-Europe Institute,
University of Malaya
Prof. Dr. Mathias Albert
Prof. Dr. Mathias Albert

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