AEI Occasional Paper

The Asia-Europe Institute Occasional Paper series is a record of public lectures delivered at the Institute through the Eminent Persons Lecture Series (EPELS), the Ambassador Lecture Series (ALES) and various public lectures given by visiting professors and other prominent figures particularly from Asia and Europe. Where the text for the AEI Occasional Paper series is not provided by a speaker, the publication shall be based on a transcription of the lecture, and shall maintain the verbal discourse tone.

AEI Occasional Paper 28 The ASEAN Higher Education Forum (AHEF) 2015 Various Speakers
AEI Occasional Paper 27 Regional Cooperation of the Nordic Countries
Past, Present and Future Challenges H.E. Nicolai Ruge
AEI Occasional Paper 26 Asia’s Next Big Challenge: To Balance Growth and Political Development Ybhg. Professor Dato’ Dr. Muthiah Alagappa
AEI Occasional Paper 24 The Future of ASEM Emeritus Professor Dr. Surin Pitsuwan Be the Change that You Want to See in the World Honourable Zsolt Nemeth
AEI Occasional Paper 23 The EU Relationship with ASEAN H.E. Ambassador Luc Vandebon
AEI Occasional Paper 22 Media and Generations: A Research and Learning Approach for Media Education and Audience Studies Professor Cristina Ponte
AEI Occasional Paper 21 Trustworthy Friends and Partners: Bilateral Relationship between China and Malaysia H.E. Ambassador Dr. Huang Huikang
AEI Occasional Paper 20 Austrian Perspective on Key Foreign and Security Challenges Affecting EU and Southeast Asia and Austrian-Malaysia Bilateral Relations H.E. Ambassador Christophe Ceska
AEI Occasional Paper 18 Creativity and Business: Lessons from the Advertising Industry Dr. Mark Kilgour
AEI Occasional Paper 17 Malaysia-Korea Win-Win Partnership H.E. Ambassador Cho Byungjae
AEI Occasional Paper 16 The New Normal Prof. Datuk Norma Mansor
AEI Occasional Paper 15 A New Era of Japan and ASEAN H.E. Ambassador Shigeru Nakamura
AEI Occasional Paper 14 Heritage Sites and Legends as New Vectors for Modern Place Marketing; Exploring Perspectives from Europe and Asia Prof. Dr. Norberto Muniz Martinez
AEI Occasional Paper 13 Critical Similarities and Differences in Security Structures of Asia and Europe Prof. Dr. Anis H. Bajrektarevic
AEI Occasional Paper 12 Rare Earth: Towards a Greener Future Dato' Mash'al Ahmad
AEI Occasional Paper 11 The Future of the EU and the UK's Role in it Dr. Paul Cardwell
AEI Occasional Paper 10 Japan-Malaysia Relations focusing on the 30th Anniversary of the Look East Policy - Reflection of a former Japanese Ambassador Datuk Issei Nomura P.J.N.
AEI Occasional Paper 9 ASEAN and the Evolving Regional Architecture Dr. Surin Pitsuwan