Turkey – EU: Waiting for Godot

By Aaron Denison. Turkey has been applying for the EU membership since 1987 when Turgut Ozal, the 8th President of Turkey submitted an application. But until today, they have...

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Selamat Tinggal Majlis Profesor Negara – Pengajaran & Iktibar

Oleh: Prof Tan Sri Dzulkifli Abdul Razak - Sahlah sudah bahawa Majlis Profesor Negara (MPN) terbubar ekoran pengumuman yang dibuat baru-baru ini. MPN terletak dibawah Jabatan Perdana Menteri dan dipengerusikan oleh Penasihat Sains kepada Perdana Menteri. Oleh itu pembubarannya menimbul banyak persoalan kepada ramai.

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What does TPP-11 tell us about Asia’s geopolitics?

Written by Rahul Mishra and Asef Raiyan Hoque
When the United States announced it’s intention to leave the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, it seemed that without Washington, TPP would never see the light of the day. As part of former President Barack Obama’s Pivot to Asia, it was the US, after all, which steered the course of the TPP ever since it joined the group.

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Culture and values central to creating deeper partnership

ASEAN is back on Australia’s agenda, having been neglected in recent times. The media release for the 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper states that Australia’s first foreign policy priority is to ‘increase [its] efforts to ensure [Australia] remain[s] a leading partner for Southeast Asia’. - by Anthony Milner

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EU in a multipolar world

GLOBAL politics are presently going through one of their most important shifts in power and strategy of the whole modern era. Two hundred years of dominance by European and American states of world politics, economics and security are coming to an end. Written by Paul Gillespie.

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Asean's triumph

ASEAN is the cornerstone of Malaysia’s foreign policy, and a new book by Kishore Mahbubani and Jeffery Sng, The Asean Miracle, explains that this makes good sense. But, what is Asean’s particular power? Can it continue to triumph without support? Written by Prof. Dr. Azirah, Executice Director of AEI and Prof. Anthony Milner (Visiting Professor).

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The US withdrawal from the Paris Climate agreement: What lies ahead and who fills the vacuum?

Written by Dr. Sameer Kumar from Asia-Europe Institute (AEI), University of Malaya

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Engaging the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO): Implications for ASEAN

Interview with Dato’ M. Redzuan Kushairi Ambassador (R), Senior Advisor at AEI, who has been monitoring the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and attended the Shanghai Cooperation Civil Society Organization (SCO) Network Meeting in April 2016.

Date: 11 May 2017

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A White Paper for Dangerous Times

As the Government prepares its first Foreign Policy White Paper in more than a decade, Australia needs to strengthen ties with Asia now more than ever before. An article by Professor Anthony Milner.

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Whither ASEAN: Intergovernmental Association or An Integrated Community?

An article by Dato' Dr. Muthiah Alagappa, AEI's Visiting Professor. It was first published in PacNet #32 (Pacific Forum CSIS).

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Dutch Elections: A Break from Populism

Dr. Patrick Ziegenhain on BFM89.9 Radio

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‘Grexit’ whispers are making the rounds yet again

A commentary by Dr. Sameer Kumar, Senior Lecturer, Asia-Europe Institute (AEI)

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Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and ASEAN economy: A policy shift in the Trump Administration and its impact

A commentary by Dr. Fumitaka Furuoka, Senior Research Fellow (Visiting), Asia-Europe Institute (AEI)

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By Anthony Milner. Kuala Lumpur: ISIS Malaysia, 2016

Will ASEAN Continue to be the Cornerstone of Malaysian Foreign Policy: The “Community-building” Priority

This monograph is an edited version of the Tun Hussein Onn Chair in International Studies Lecture 2015.

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An article by Prof. Anthony Milner featured in The Australian Financial Review (

Australia may need a post-America foreign policy Plan B

Is Australia quietly developing a Plan B for our international positioning? For the first time a Singapore prime minister has been asked to address our Parliament; soon the ...

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by Anthony Milner

Regionalism in Asia

The building of regional institutions in Asia is not only a response to the need for practical co-operation in commercial, security and other matters, but is also shaped by specific national interests ...

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Australia should listen to SE Asian views on dealing with China

Damaging the ASEAN-China relationship is a matter of deep concern, especially given the economic dimension.

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