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ENGAGEMENT & IMPACT SERIES: Universiti Malaya and Huawei - Empowering and Equipping University Students with Digital Competencies



12 April 2021 – An exchange ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Universiti Malaya and Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has been successfully held at the Asia-Europe Institute (AEI), Universiti Malaya. The MoU aims to build and further strengthen the collaboration between both parties in the field of digital technology and telecommunications through various means such as academic events, seminars, cross-sharing of experts and industry-relevant insights; and research collaboration.

MoU Exchange Ceremony

The ceremony was graced by the presence of Prof. Dr. Noorsaadah Abd. Rahman (Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation) of Universiti Malaya), Mr. Choh Yau Meng (Vice President of Malaysia Huawei Human Resource Department) and Mr. Oliver Liu (Vice Chancellor of Huawei ASEAN Academy (Malaysia)). Also present at the ceremony were Prof. Dr. Rofina Yasmin Othman (Associate Vice-Chancellor (Industry & Community Networks) of Universiti Malaya), Distinguished Prof. Dato' Dr. Rajah Rasiah (Asia-Europe Institute), Associate Prof. Dr. Jatswan Singh (Executive Director of Asia-Europe Institute) and Prof. Dr. Sarinah Low (Deputy Executive Director (Research & Internationalisation) of Asia-Europe Institute).

As the nation embraces “Malaysia 5.0”, a joint public-academia and industry initiative is important to equip the graduates with digital competencies, creativity and innovation to help accelerate the nation’s digital economy vision.

MoU Exchange Ceremony

In her speech, Prof. Dr. Noorsaadah said, “The World Economic Forum in its 2020 Future of Jobs Report, estimates that 85 million jobs will be displaced as a result of automation by the year 2025, yet 97 million new jobs will be created within the same time frame, largely in roles that require data and digital tech skills.  With this smart partnership between UM and HUAWEI, we hope to create a future-ready workforce, by empowering students and the younger generation with critical and digital skills required to meet the demands of digital jobs.  This joint venture will see the creation of possibilities and opportunities with limitless boundaries through technology, eventually bridging the digital divide in the country.”

The Office of Industry & Community Engagement (UM ICE) would like to congratulate the Asia-Europe Institute (AEI) for this momentous milestone and all the best as well in the implementation of the MoU.

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