"The Way Forward: Towards The Polish Vision 2020" by Professor Adam W. Jelonek Professor, Jaggielonian University Former Ambassador of Poland to Malaysia.
Details of the Public Lecture are as follows:

Date  : 22th June,  2015 (Monday)

Time  : 2.30 pm

Venue : ASEM Room AEI, University of Malaya

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"THE FUTURE of ASEM" by Emeritus Professor Dr. Surin Pitsuwan,  Adjunct Professor  to AEI. Details of the Ambassadors Lecture Series (ALES) are as follows:

Date            :  7th April, 2015 (Tuesday)
Time           :  10:30 am
Venue         :  AEI Auditorium, University of Malaya 

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"Diploma and Security Policy of Prime Minister Abe" by Prof. Dr. Shinichi Kitaoka President of International University of Japan and Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (Grips). Details of the Seminar are as follows :

Date       : 16th March 2015 (Monday)
Time       : 2.30 pm
Venue    : ASEM Room, Asia-Europe Institute (AEI), University of Malay           More Info
Prof. Dr. Azirah Binti Hashim

Assalamualaikum wbt and greetings,

In an era of increased global East-West collaborative transformation and flows, multilateral exchanges have emerged as central in higher education, academic mobility, and scholarship networks.TheAsia-Europe Institute (AEI) leads Asia’s efforts to revitalize learning and development in the Social sciences in higher education.


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