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China Rising: Contrasting Perspectives from Europe and Asia

A conversation between Martin Jacques, Bunn Nagara and Roy Anthony Rogers

Date: 17 May 2024 (Friday)
Time: 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Venue: Auditorium, Asia-Europe Institute (AEI), Universiti Malaya
Moderator: Distinguished Professor Dato' Dr. Rajah Rasiah, Executive Director of Asia-Europe Institute

Free Admission. Register here.

Global tensions are rising in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait as US allies in Manila and Taipei risk growing friction with Beijing. Meanwhile, US trade and technology wars against China are spreading as Europe considers more trade restrictions against hypercompetitive Chinese exports entering EU markets. As China's navy grows and thousands of Chinese electric vehicles arrive at European ports for sale, Europe's markets are narrowing while European warships are despatched to the Western Pacific rim.

Yet at the same time, most Asian countries are more calm and less frenzied, remaining confident that better times have yet to come. Where will all this lead and what are the chances of continued peace and prosperity for our region? Will Europe still follow the US lead, whether or not Donald Trump is re-elected in November? Responses from Europe and Asia to US-China rivalry may differ or converge, but will nonetheless impact on the future of our planet.

Programme Schedule

2:30 pm: Arrival of Guests & Registration

3:00 pm: Welcoming remarks by Tan Sri Mohamed Jawhar Hassan, Adjunct Professor, Asia-Europe Institute

3:05 pm: Special Remarks by Dato' Ong Chong Yi, Executive Director of Belt and Road Initiative Caucus for Asia Pacific (BRICAP) and former Minister Counsellor of the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing

3:10 pm: Session starts

4:30 pm: End of session, followed by refreshments


Martin Jacques
Martin Jacques

Martin Jacques is the author of the global best-seller When China Rules the World. He is a Visiting Professor at Tsinghua University and Fudan University and, until recently, was a Senior Fellow at Cambridge University. His TED talk on China has had almost 5 million views. His new book on China will be published next year by Allen Lane/Penguin.

Bunn Nagara
Bunn Nagara

Bunn Nagara is Belt and Road Initiative Caucus (Asia-Pacific) Director and Senior Fellow, Perak Academy Honorary Fellow, and a geostrategic consultant. An editor and award-winning journalist, he was Senior Fellow at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies and held research fellowships at the Institute of South-East Asian Studies and the Japan Institute of International Affairs.

Roy Anthony Rogers
Roy Anthony Rogers

Roy Anthony Rogers is an Associate Professor and Deputy Executive Director at the Asia-Europe Institute, Universiti Malaya. His research centers on Central Asian politics and Xinjiang. Roy has taught at various military colleges, frequently lectures for the IDFR Malaysia, and contributes as a media resource for Malaysian outlets.

Distinguished Professor Dato' Dr. Rajah Rasiah
Distinguished Professor Dato' Dr. Rajah Rasiah

Rajah Rasiah is Distinguished Professor of Economics and Executive Director at the Asia Europe Institute, Universiti Malaya. He earned his doctorate from Cambridge University and was a Rajawali Fellow at Harvard University. His extensive research and policy work focus on technology, development, and industrial policies, leading to over 280 publications and contributions to major reports for organizations like UNIDO and UNESCO. Recognized for his contributions to economics, he received the Celso Furtado prize from the World Academy of Sciences in 2014 and was named a Distinguished Professor by Malaysia's Ministry of Higher Education in 2017. He was conferred the Merdeka (Independence) Award for academic excellence in 2018.

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