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The emergent Indo-Pacific order is anything but static. Fast-surfacing permutation and combination of major stakeholders and their individual and collective strategies to shape the Indo-Pacific order are unfolding with each passing day. In mid-September itself, two new Indo-Pacific strategies were formally launched. The European Commission and the EU High Representative presented a Joint Communication on the EU’s Indo-Pacific Strategy. Just a day earlier, the US, the UK, and Australia established a new trilateral security pact with the unimaginative acronym, AUKUS. Both invited very different responses, but that may have been the intention, and while the region is busy making sense of these two strategic initiatives, Japan, India, Australia, and the US - four leading proponents of the Indo-Pacific- held their first-ever in-person Quad (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) Summit in New York on September 24.

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Last Update: 23/11/2021