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Pursue your Bachelor's or Master's Degree via Remote Learning


Remote Learning (RL) class=

Admission to Bachelor's Degree & Master's Degree via REMOTE LEARNING has been extended until 24 September 2021🔴
What is actually Remote Learning?🤔
It is a conventional programme with study methods implemented in situations where students are not physically present in a traditional classroom environment but attending class online and
So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to UPGRADE your skill and knowledge with us, the No.1 university in Malaysia, Universiti Malaya!😉
To find out more on how you can enroll as one of the remote learners, head over to our official website at:
🔗 https://www.umcced.edu.my/programme/rl 🔗
Submit your application at:
👉 tinyurl.com/AcademicPortalMAYA 👈
For inquiries, feel free to contact & WhatsApp us at:
📞 https://wa.me/60125387027 - Cik Ain
📞 https://wa.me/60192651194 - En. Arshad
📞 https://wa.me/60193868965 - En. Yazid
📞 https://wa.me/601163405373 - En. Izwan
📞 https://wa.me/60193595952 - Cik Nad
📞 https://wa.me/60125247207 - Cik Athira
All the best!!😊

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Last Updated: 30/08/2021