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Sino-Indian Dynamics in Southeast Asia


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10th Part of Asia and Pacific Episodes

Guest: Dr. Rahul Mishra
Host: Lokman Karadag

Dr. Rahul Mishra is a Senior Lecturer at the Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. He is also the Coordinator, International Master’s in European Regional Integration (IMERI) programme. Prior to this, he was a Consultant with the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. At the institute, his primary responsibilities were to coordinate training modules for visiting foreign diplomats and give lectures on Asian security and Southeast Asian issues.

Topics discussed in this program;

  • 📌Sino-Indian dynamics in Southeast Asia
  • 📌India-ASEAN relations
  • 📌China-ASEAN relations
  • 📌Geopolitics of ASEAN between India and China
Last Updated: 19/07/2021