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Trinity Long Room Hub Visiting Research Fellowship


Professor Azirah Hashim is a recipient of the Trinity Long Room Hub Visiting Research Fellowship, Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Ireland. This fellowship is pivotal to TCD’s mission to connect their research community with the most distinguished scholars in the world and to raise the international profile of Trinity’s Arts and Humanities research. During the fellowship from March to April 2020, Prof. Azirah will continue with her research on English in ASEAN focusing on regional aspects of language and identity formation. English, which is used for multiple functions as a second, foreign or even first language, and which is accepted as the lingua franca for regional and global purposes, will be examined in its multilingual habitats in South East Asia and within the political framework of ASEAN. Language policy in ASEAN member states, and cross-regional ASEAN commonalities and distinctions inside this cluster of English varieties, will be examined. This research is intended to contribute to deeper understanding of the ASEAN region, Global Englishes, and relationships between language and identity in the region. This will add to knowledge of language policy and linguistic identity within the theme of ‘Identities in transformation’ at the interdisciplinary Trinity Long Room Hub. Prof. Azirah will seek opportunities for mutually beneficial relationships in applied linguistics. In addition, she will explore possible collaborations between the Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya, and the Trinity Centre for Asian Studies, given their similar aims and activities.

Prof Azirah Hashim 1
The Campanile of Trinity College
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Main entrance of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
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