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The book presents nine conference proceedings articles selected from a series of webinars on EU and ASEAN Socio-cultural Cooperation held between July and December 2020. The three webinars, namely, Perspectives on COVID-19: The ‘New Normal’; Regional and Inter-Regional Dimensions in Higher Education Cooperation; and People and Culture, were conducted as one of the activities under the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (JMCoE), a 3-year project titled "ASEAN-EU in Dialogue: Learning from Each Other” awarded to the AEI in 2017. The goal of the project is to enhance the field of EU and comparative regionalism studies in Malaysia.

The JMCoE work programme for the years 2017-2020 intends to sharpen the focus of AEI on ASEAN-EU Studies and to build domestic capacities both in research and teaching.

~ Editors

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Balancing Sustainability in the Post-Pandemic Normal: Key Pillars
Rajah Rasiah

Chapter 2: Disruptions and the International Order: Global Politics during the Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond
Rahul Mishra

Chapter 3: Citizenship as a Conceptual and Educational Driver to Foster Urban Cooperation in a Post-Pandemic Scenario
Filippo Bignami

Chapter 4: Covid-19 and the Financial Markets Omnibubble
Leef H. Dierks

Chapter 5: Regional and Inter-Regional Cooperation i Higher Education: ASEAN and The EU
Azirah Hashim

Chapter 6: Connecting Education in Asia and Europe Through the ASEM Education Process
Nadia Reynders

Chapter 7: Youth Empowerment through Education Efforts in ASEAN
Yang Mee Eng

Chapter 8: Immigration-Trade Connections in ASEAN: Implications for Policy
Evelyn S. Devadason

Chapter 9: Reshaping Production Practices: European Film Festivals and New Indonesian Cinema
Thomas Barker

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